Big Moon

I’ve seen a few people posting it, and it’s within the realm of believability, so I’m going to go ahead and believe it and pass it on here, that the moon is the closest to the Earth that it’s been since 1948, which does strike me as a bit weird, because it’s orbiting, and if its orbit is irregular, like sometimes scooping further in and sometimes straying farther out, that’s scary. What if it gets a bit too close, to the point where gravity becomes irresistible and it drops out of orbit and bop, suddenly falls right on top of us, that’s a hell of a lot more rock than the Chicxulub meteor, and look what that did. Not going to worry about it too much, though. It’s a big, beautiful moon and I’ll sleep well tonight.

I also wondered, in passing, if the proximity of the moon might have had any effect on the Tsunami that hit New Zealand today, but, nah, not unless it actually had something to do with causing the quake and since quakes happen all the time with the moon in different positions (or so I suppose, maybe someone should look into that)that’s just wild speculation.
Bad week in the music world, with the loss of both Leonard Cohen and Leon Russell, but that’s more explainable. If the golden age of modern music was the 60s and 70s (and it was, I’m telling you), then anybody who was performing then was probably in their 20s in the 60s, which means they’re in their 70s now, and that’s when people tend to die. Cohen was 82, Russell was 74.
Like the results of the 2016 election; tragic, but hardly surprising.


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