The Joy of Protesting

I am, in principal, in favor of protesting, especially as the alternative is not protesting, and what kind of a lame ass response is that to the world we live in. I’ve got a few ideas about tactics and how protests could be done better, but that’s not the topic of tonight’s blog.
What I’m saying is that protest itself is a good thing and people on Facebook who are criticizing the protesters for protesting and calling them whiny loser crybabies are maybe missing the point, especially since writing comments on Facebook is a form of protest, so in protesting the protesters we become protesters ourselves.
In fact, I’d probably be joining in the protests myself, if it weren’t for two important considerations. The first is logistical. Being on a different continent renders actual, physical participation impossible.
The second is that I don’t entirely agree with the protesters’ goals. Oh, I agree that Trump is an ogre, a semi-retarded plutocrat, a short fingered crotch grabber, and a danger to society.
But, he did win the election.
Even so, I agree that the time to start protesting him is now, and it would be good if impeachment proceedings are well underway before his term even begins (yeah, I know, President Pence, but it’s the principal of the thing. If you can’t get Trump impeached, when will there ever be a president bad enough to impeach?)
But, the protesters are all acting like Hillary got cheated or something, and seem to want to get her installed in the White House. They speak of her as if she were a woman of great courage, and character, instead of the conniving shitweasel she actually is.
I suppose I will eventually get around to criticizing Trump. Lord knows, there is plenty to criticize. But I’m going to wait for the Hillary people to shut up first.


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