Fuck Chuck, and Good Luck

Sanders people are, of course, outraged with the choice of Chuck Schumer as the Senate Minority Leader, and I get that, I wish they’d gone with Bernie as well but technically, that might not be possible because he is not officially an independent and just caucusing with the Dems doesn’t mean they’re going to give him the party boss position, and it was probably clear to them he wouldn’t, otherwise he might not have made the switch.
On the one hand, it does show how oblivious the Democrats are. They just heard the loudest “Fuck you!” in the history of politics – well, maybe France, when they were guillotining nobles in the streets while the crowds cheered because, despite all the historical movies and such which portray this as a bad thing, a lot of those fuckers had it coming, but certainly the loudest since then. And they go ahead and nominate Chuck, the bankers’ friend, Schumer.
The thing we have to understand, though, is they didn’t have anybody else we would have been happy with. Tulsi Gabbard? No, that’s the House. Elizabeth Warren? Oh, yeah, Sanders’ fans are ready to forgive her and accept her. Just kidding, her name cannot be mentioned on a pro-Sanders page without a pent-up reservoir of rage and hostility breaking its dam and flooding the valley, drowning cows and chickens, and washing away dozens of tarpaper shacks. Al Franken? Sorry, same objection as Warren. Russ Feingold? Sorry, didn’t get elected.
So, the Democrats are in a pickle. We want them to show a more liberal face, or we will have to start a new party by 2018, in times for the midterms. And, they don’t really have a liberal face to show. Whether that’s because they don’t want to, or they can’t, either way, is now a moot point.
They either do, or they’re through.


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