Notes at the End of the Day

O.K., must hammer out a blog quickly and get to bed because we’ve got a house full of kids and somebody’s going to need the fold out bed in the living room so I’ve got to vacate this computer or make things very awkward, and awkward is not good, I hate awkward.
A lazy, uneventful day, though. Yesterday was the Czech National Holiday, so that means a 4 day weekend, just about anything is enough excuse for a four day weekend in the Czech Republic, though, it seems to me they have about 12 of them a year. So, sat around the house most of the day, spent a lot of time on facebook and watched a thing on Discovery Channel where a guy took a cockroach brain and had it flying this blimp type structure around a railroad station, I thought that was pretty cool but when you think about it it means autonomous drones, and if they are weaponized we are in big trouble.
Which, of course, we are. Despite Donald Trump’s nice acceptance speech, his choices to fill various positions are as bad as we could have possibly feared. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. This Banon guy as Chief of Staff. Chris Christie as food taster. (just kidding).
And I feel awkward criticizing Trump while still fighting with the Hillary Clinton people. I should understand them, I suppose. I did not want to give up after Bernie got swindled out of the nomination, and still don’t, so I guess it’s logical that Hillary people don’t want to give up even though she lost, they’re like saying “No, she didn’t.”
Well, I wonder why Hillary herself isn’t calling for audits of the machines in all the states she lost? Why is she going gently into that good night? Could it be that an audit would reveal how many votes she stole from Jill Stein? Don’t know. Will never know.
But, here’s my turn to admit a mistake. Many long years ago, when computers were
a newer thing and I was young and innocent, I was a big advocate of automated voting, thought that was the way of the future and would reduce errors and cheating. Well, I was sure wrong about that. We need to go back to paper ballots.
That’s more important than the Electoral College.

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