The Next Four Years

I think everybody (discounting people who actually voted for him, which is about 25% of Americans, and maybe even some of them) is pretty well agreed that the next four years are going to be bad years.
It ranges from “Geez, give the guy a chance, he might be no worse than Bush,” which I can only assume comes from people who don’t remember Bush very well, to “This will undoubtedly be the end of life on Earth.”
I suspect, as with all things, it’s somewhere between the two extremes but rather than argue about the degree of badness, I’d like to speculate this evening on the nature of the looming train wreck.
His tweetnado after last night’s production of “Hamilton,” when veep elect and power-to-be behind the throne Mike Pence was jeered by the audience and schooled by the cast. Not professional, he said. They need to apologize, he said. The theater is supposed to be a safe place, he said. Ha! The arch conservative who mocks Mexicans, Blacks, Dead Veterans and Handicapped people is now saying he wants ‘safe spaces.’
Well, I suspect this will be the nature of his administration. There may be a crisis in Syria, or Lithuania, and the president will be arguing with Megyn Kelly, or Rosie O’Donnell, or Alec Baldwin (he got into a twitterspat with Baldwin as well, saying how Saturday Night Live was super, duper biased and he wants equal time and Baldwin said “Fuck off, you’re going to be the president, how much more time do you need” or words to that effect.
Some people think Trump might be the first president to actually be impeached. I think it equally likely that he will be the first president to be committed to a mental institution.
Keep it up, cartoonists and comedians everywhere! First one to make him cry will have the gratitude of a nation.


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