The Multiverse Shuffle

I read an interesting story today. Well, I didn’t read the whole story, just the headline and the two-sentence blurb before the blue ‘more,’ because thre’s so little time in the day, so many stories to read, and it seemed to be a piece by a Hillary person trying to make other Hillary people not feel so bad about her having lost the election, the election everybody, even some of her worst enemies, expected her to win handily.
You get the gist of the story, the most important stuff, right there. You get the fact that the story happened, that this is a thing, that this can be discussed. Then you can go to the comments section and get the full range of responses from that Rorschach test of a story, because every story is a Rorschach test. Everything in life is a Rorschach test.
Anyway, the story was that, according to the multi-verse theory, all of the Hillary supporters are currently co-existing quite happily in the universe in which Hillary Clinton won.
But that made me realize, as a Sanders supporter,that somewhere there is a universe in which Sanders got the nomination, and won the election. That’s the usual interpretation. And somewhere, among the infinite number of universes out there, there is one where Vermin Supreme won, and everybody is registering for their free ponies.
But that’s not even where I’m going with this. Say you are a person who, like me, did not want Hillary to win. If so, like me, you probably had lots of arguments with friends and family about it. Now, after the election split the universes just as surely as a parked car in the middle of a roundabout, we are living in the universe that Trump won, but maybe some of our friends are living in the one where Hillary won. Oh, their counterparts are still here. But, if person A (which is you) is split into person A (still you) and person B (you, but in a different universe, then so is person C (your friend) split into person C (who remains in this universe) and person D (who know thinks Hillary won the election.
So, maybe this election has caused more ruptures than we know. Maybe the people you thought you knew aren’t even a part of the same universe as you any more. Scary thought, huh?

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