Tomorrow is Thanksgiving at the end of an absolutely horrible year for the world, so I’m going to focus on the little things I’m thankful for, the stuff close to home, like that my wife makes a great apple pie; that I know somebody, here in Prague, who is hosting a Thanksgiving pot luck and it will be a great excuse to get together with some people I haven’t seen for a long time; that Sam, while I doubt he’s going to get mostly 1s on his report card, at least does not seem to be flunking or causing problems, that is to say we haven’t got any of “those” phone calls from the teacher so far this year; that Isabel is really enjoying her street dance classes and seems to be doing well at it (first public performance and competition – yeah, it’s a competitive thing – will be this weekend); that I’ve got a full schedule and really like most of the people I’m teaching this year even the little brats I taught today, definitely my worst class, they run around the room, they refuse to listen to me or do what I say, they hide under the tables, but still they are cute kids and make me laugh somtimes. Stuff like that.

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