Lost but Not Lost

Had a brief moment of panic today, but it was all O.K. in the end. After my Gymnasium classes, I have almost an hour and a half to get to my last class of the day, a crew of 7, the youngest of whom is five or six, and the rest are about 3 years older than that. It takes about 10 minutes by bus, and it’s not too far to walk, certainly not given that amount of time, so off I went. On the way I noticed that there were some woods paralleling the street, so that the shops and houses formed a reverse idiot strip and I thought “Well, it is a lovely, misty day for a walk in the woods and it’s not going to take me out of my way at all.” Hah. By the time I made my way out of the woods, I had no clue where I was and not much more which direction I should be headed. Fortunately, I was near a bus stop and so looked at the schedule and found the stop I needed just one stop away, in the opposite direction of what I’d thought. So,I’d walked right past my destination, and may make that my regular route, weather permitting.
I called a guy a retard on Facebook today and don’t even regret it, to tell the truth. Birther. Yes, they still exist.
Just got home from a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s bar. Lots of variety in the food, and met some nice people, but was a bit surprised at how few people were there who I actually knew. The host and one other. We left the kids home to eat spaghetti because they insisted and, in the end, they were right. Nobody else brought kids and they would have been dead bored. Thankful they are old enough we could do that.


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