A Long Day of Dance

Had to go to Pisek today, site of oldest stone bridge in the Czech Republic(very historical), for Isabel’s dance competition. We got them (Isabel and her friend) to the theater on time, and noted right away the advantage of this over going to Sam’s football games: this was indoor, in a theater, with comfortable seats, as opposed to outdoor with no bloody seats at all.
Still, Izzy’s team wasn’t scheduled to compete until 6 so we watched the first 3 or 4 acts and then went out for some lunch and a walk around the town. We crossed the bridge in a light mist, it was a beautiful view of the town and the river, just below the weir. But the perception of the beauty of mist is a tenuous thing, and dissipates with time, in this case about 5 minutes and I was anxious for something to eat and then it kind of actual rain, so we ducked into a passage to get out of the rain and at the other end of it, lo and behold,was a restaurant. Chicken and fries for me, Pork, dumplings and sauerkraut for Helena.
Then we went back to watch the rest.
I was kind of amazed at the talent, and I’m glad Isabel is involved with it. Competitive dance is a sport, it’s good exercise and teaches teamwork, and discipline, and sportsmanship, so that’s all good, but the music is all brash and aggressive and often has words I am quite certain the Czech audience doesn’t exactly understand, but they’ve got the gist, the angry, rebellious tone and all of the kids are doing scowly poses while flashing what looks a lot like gang signs, it’s a bunch of young white kids doing Hakas, which is bizarre, but what the heck, I’m not their art director.
On the way home we were listening to Lyse Doucette (not sure of the spelling, can’t be bothered to look it up)on the BBC, on the occasion of Castro’s death, and she said something like (not exact words but I’m not exaggerating) “Only time will tell if Castro is remembered as a significant world leader or an anomaly.” What an incredibly stupid thing to say. It’s very clear that history will regard him as a significant world leader. He had millions of American schoolchildren taking cover under their desks, he outlived and outlasted Ike, JFK, LBJ, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan.
You can argue good or bad, plenty of ammo on both sides there, but you can’t deny he was significant. That’s just silly.
Another thing that bothers me in the conversation about Castro is that they (they being mainstream Western media) always say is that the embargo was necessary because Castro was so horrible and one of the reasons he was horrible is because he wrecked the Cuban economy. No, he didn’t. The embargo wrecked their economy.
In any event, he is dead. At 92. Which is not a bad age at all.


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