Two Sides is Not Enough

There may be more than two sides to every question, in fact the number of sides from which a question may be viewed is only limited by our imagination, and we’d be a lot better off if we’d try to find 20 or 30 alternative sides, before jumping in on one or the other.
Because that is what we tend to do, and you can see that very clearly on Facebook. You’re either for or against the Dakota pipeline, for or against legalization of marijuana, for or against abortion, for or against guns, and it’s a damned shame because positions get hardened, there’s no room to back up or maneuver, both sides are massed at opposite ends of a high walled canyon, ready for a clash, and somebody’s going to get hurt.
The latest bifurcation is Castro. Some love him, some hate him, and there are not nearly enough people adding the almost necessary ‘but’ after that initial phrase, or looking beyond their initial viewpoint even a little bit. Someone could say “I love him but, on the other hand, throwing people in prison for being gay was a bit harsh,” or “I hate him but, yeah, health care and education.”
We can deal with this one, because he will still be dead two weeks from now, but everybody will have stopped talking about him.
The Cubans in Miami will go on hating him until they die, but they are never getting their villas back. And most people don’t really care that much.
One of the scarier comments I saw (and most people won’t see this as scary, some might see it as benevolent and well intended, some might see it just as obvious) was “Cuba deserves a better government.” Of course, the comment came from an American, as if we had any moral authority to lecture other countries on their leadership at this point in time.
Let Cuba decide what kind of government Cuba wants. We’ve tried to beat them down no for more than half a century, and it didn’t work. Just let it go. The Monroe Doctrine was a dumb, and arrogant doctrine.


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