Rough Day

I am glad this day is over. Some good came of it, but it was rough. First, bitterly cold. Then, I screwed up buying the train ticket because I take the same train Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning but on Wednesday I have to take it to Kralupy and Tuesday and Friday not so far. I got confused. No biggie,just had to pay the difference on the train, but the conductor only gave me a one way ticket to Kralupy and I got dinged again on the way back so in the end paid more than I should have. Not a big amount, but irritating.
My students in Kralupy are all bright, interesting people but I teach them one at a time, back to back, for 3 hours, and one at a time is my least favorite way of teaching.
Then, the monster 2nd grade class and they were as always, trying to talk over me and absolutely determined to turn the time into a play period instead of a class but,in the end, I did get at least one of them to know all the words to “The Eentsy-Weentsy Spider,” which made me feel proud far beyond what I should for such a minor success.
Then, the two hour wait before my last class, which is Isabel’s friend from school and her downstairs neighbor. I sat in the food court at Flora and got a poem written. Well, one stanza or, you could say one poem in a series of very short poems which are part of a longer poem and I intend to present in the format of a children’s book, which it is not at all, but the first line of each stanza is like a flashcard theme, because that’s just such a part of my reality that that’s where my thought process starts.
Anyway, it’s a strange thing when you write a poem you don’t actually agree with, but it’s good enough you figure you should let it stand,it’s like letting your kids be whatever they want even if it’s something you’re not happy about.

This is a swing set, this is a slide
We stay indoors when it’s cold outside
the problem with the human race
is, we view the world as a hostile place

which we do, and today felt like it,but I don’t think that’s the problem with the human race. I think that’s one of our defining features, and a worthy one at that. It’s because we have been committed, over the last million years or so, to taming our environment and shielding ourselves from it, that we invented clothing, houses, submarines and spaceships. The oyster only makes a pearl to counter the irritation of the sand.


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