A Good Question

Someone in my Bernie or Bust group posted a really good question on Facebook: When are we going to stop raging against Hillary and start treating Donald Trump as enemy #1. It’s a good question.
On the one hand, Hillary has been defeated. She should be irrelevant. Donald Trump has been elected and so he is a very real threat. His appointments indicate that underneath that imbecilic demeanor beats the heart of a true teabagger. He stands ready to rubber stamp any damned idiotic thing a Paul Ryan led congress passes, and that is bound to be some seriously evil shit.
On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is like that stray bit of bacon between your teeth, the one mosquito in the tent, the turd that won’t flush. We can’t let it go because she continues to exist.
After losing the election, despite having the support of the media, the banks, the large corporations, the Democratic party establishment, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and almost all celebrities more famous than Scott Baio, which is something that required a massive amount of negative charisma, she refuses to release her death grip on the Democratic party. If Howard Dean becomes the DNC chair, and Chuck Schumer the Democratic party’s leader in the Senate, it is clear that the Democratic party has NOT learned its lesson.
So, we can’t let up. There are plenty of people willing to criticize Trump, and I will certainly join them in time. There is no doubt he is an ignorant, bigoted, horrible excuse for a human being.
But, for now, we still have to fight against Hillary Clinton. She is down, but apparently not out. The stake has not been driven through her heart. The bacon is still between our teeth, the mosquito is still buzzing in the tent, the turd remains unflushed.

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