End of the Week Observations

It’s Friday, the big relief, the dawn of the weekend. Even people who like their jobs still like the weekend, a chance to stay up late, a chance to sleep in, a chance to sit around the flat without getting completely dressed and not have to get anywhere on time. A chance to recharge the old batteries, a rare metaphor that is gaining power with the rising wave of technology and not being submerged by it.

I got lost on the way to pick up Isabel from her Street Dance lesson. I know exactly where the place is and how to get there, of course. At least, one way of how to get there, and two or three variations of that. But, I was early, and the evening was warm, relatively. Above 0, anyway (for all you unenlightened Fahrenheit folks out there, above 32. Had been raining, but not currently raining. No wind. So, I decided to walk and I took a little hinkwamp uphill about halfway there, on the logic that I wanted to come up on top, where the school is, and not slog up that high hill, but pretty soon I was hopelessly lost, and tried to backtrack, but that was no good, and eventually found a bus stop which would get me back to where I would have gotten off if I taken the bus in the first place.
I do stuff like that now and then. Keeps life interesting.

Got a call that the poetry event at Žižkov Šiška is on for the 15th, which makes 3 poetry readings in the next two weeks. More than I’ve done in – well, I don’t think I’ve ever done so many in so short a span, except maybe back in the day, like in the last century even, when they’d sometimes have them at the Iron Door and than later the same night at Radost, which was kind of ridiculous. Glad the different poetry gaggles of Prague have co-operated for once, so that has been avoided.


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