“we’re living in a prison but we can’t see the bars” said a man on TV just now,they are talking about ‘The Matrix’ and this guy was introduced as a serious scientist. That whole line of thought bothers me.
Sure, I get what he’s saying, I think. We only have the possibilities afforded to us within this reality, upon this world. We don’t get the opportunity, for instance, of actually attending Hogwarts, or serving aboard a Federation Starship. Most of us will probably never fly under our own power, or travel back in time. But, still, it’s an awfully comfortable prison. We have all the books and movies we could ever want, there are plenty of activities the prisoners can participate in, either alone or with other people.
It’s like saying that you never die because matter is never destroyed and we are matter, we are stardust, and so on. My atoms and the atoms inside the car that is about to hit me are both part of the universe.
Nonetheless, we look both ways before we cross the street because the real world is the world we have to live in and the one whose physical laws you would be well advised to heed.


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