Guns and Drugs

You never can tell on social media. Post a long, well thought out piece about how to solve all the worlds problems and you get zero comments. Toss off a one liner that you even thought was kind of silly at the time, and the dam bursts, with mostly contrarian and completely off topic comments surging in.
Today’s thread of the day was about guns and drugs. It’s possible I should have held my peace. I do have some right wingers on my feed, and I’m sure I didn’t change any of their minds, but the original post was a story out of Texas, about a guy down in Texas who was doing acid with a couple of buddies when he went to his dad’s car (His dad is a cop.The kid is 23.), took out his dad’s gun, and shot his two friends dead. He said he saw horns growing out of their heads, and thought they were deer. The original poster said “This was not about the gun. This was about the drugs.”
Well, I couldn’t let that go. I’ve had some experience in my life with LSD. There was the time I got up to go to the bathroom, splashed some cold water on my face, and saw vines growing out of the middle of my forehead. There was the time I was watching TV and an ad came on for a roller coaster at a local theme park and my stomach actually flipped and I thought I was on the ride and I grabbed onto the arm of the couch and held on for dear life. For a second. There was the time in Ireland, sitting in the wet grass on the top of a hill looking down at the Hippie encampment below, and thinking “I’m sitting on top of the world. Like, literally, on top of the world. We are always sitting on top of the world.”
One thing I’ve never done is shot anybody, or even been tempted to. I hope the jury ignores this guy’s bullshit excuse and sends him to jail for the rest of his life, because if all you need to do to get away with murder is say you were doing LSD (and you’re the sheriff’s son), then that gives them justification to keep it illegal. And it’s bullshit.

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  1. DW

    Was it deer season and did he have a hunting license?

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