Soma Slam

It’s not really a poetry slam at all, although the organizer sometimes refers to it as that. It’s a regular old poetry reading, and the one thing that marks it as different from Alchemy or Žižkovšiška is the encouragement of foreign languages. I suppose, since we’re in the Czech Republic, English is a foreign language and Czech the only language that isn’t, so allow me to rephrase: the Soma reading is a bit different because it encourages poetry in languages other that English.
Poetry aside, it leads to a good atmosphere, an interesting audience, and a bit more variety. And I learn a bit of French, every time.
Poetry aside, it was a great break after an exhausting week,not completely over yet but Friday will be a piece of cake, I even get to sleep in, I think.
And some of the poetry was great.
It went on long, but I hadn’t realized how long it was until I got into the Metro and found myself waiting for the last Metro: complete with a girl barfing her guts out on the way down the escalator.
The joys of Prague by night.

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