Russian Hackers

Well, the CIA claims that Russians hacked the U.S. election. Laying aside the fact that the words “CIA claims” is a long way from saying a thing is actually true, I suppose we should entertain the possibility. After all, a lot of people say I’m crazy when I say that 9/11 was an inside job and I resent the fact that they’re not giving the idea a fair hearing, so I suppose I should at least for a moment consider the possibility.
Putin certainly had motive. As the head of the other nation which would like to be the world’s #1 superpower, he stands to benefit if the U.S. has a totally incompetent leader. Also, an extremely corrupt leader with close ties to Russian business.
Also, it’s no secret that he doesn’t like Hillary Clinton. She said he had no heart.
So, he had motive, but so did a lot of other people. Very rich, powerful and well connected people. People who, just like the Donald himself, do not want to pay their taxes.
Did he have the means? Well, I don’t know. It could be the U.S. is just filled with Russian spies, that they are within the Diebold corporation, and that they control election officials in several key states. It could be true, but I kind of doubt it. Too complex.

Also, if what they mean by ‘hacked’ is those e-mails that Julian Assange wound up with, then I think they are barking up the wrong tree. First, Julian Assange (who I trust far more than I trust the CIA) says that that’s not what happened. Secondly, even if so, let’s not forget that those e-mails WERE pretty damning – however they were revealed.
So, yeah. It could be, but I seriously doubt it


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