Medieval Appetite

We ate at 3 o’clock and never had dinner. It was not necessary.

December is a big month in our family, and my wife’s sisters family as well. Isabel’s birthday is the 5th, and Sam’s is the 16th. On their side, my wife’s sister’s birthday is the 9th, Patrick’s birthday is the 12th (same age as Isabel) and her husband’s name day and daughter Natalie’s name day are around now as well.
So, we went out to a medieval restaurant in Dětenice, I might be wrong about the spelling, it’s somewhere in the northeastern part of the country, I didn’t know where we were, to tell the truth. Not important.

This is a 5 star review. It was great. Oh,they weren’t totally strict about the medieval theme: I know coca cola hadn’t been invented then, and the waitress, although thematically garbed and speaking in medieval peasant Czech, was taking our orders on a tablet. But that’s O.K. The atmosphere was perfect, a dark room candlelight room with long wooden tables, and a bit of banter. The portions were huge,we split meals and still had tons of food. We (Helena,Isabel and I) ordered duck and it was plenty but I also got a taste of cabbage soup,with pork, and I liked the way that was served, in a cooking pot, with a handle, slammed down on the table. Accompanied by huge rolls. Then a couple of people couldn’t finish their ribs. Sam pretty much cleaned up his order of pork and grilled pear, but I got his potato.
Then we went back to the cottage for cake.


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