Hillary Clinton and Aleppo

I’m not trying to blame the current tragedy in Aleppo on Hillary Clinton. She probably had a hand in it, but that’s not my point. The point of my blog tonight is to explain how the Syrian Civil War, which, it is becoming apparent, is being lost by the side the U.S. was backing, is similar to Hillary Clinton’s losing the general election, when she thought she had it won.
Syria, of course,happens within the context of Arab Spring, and Hillary Clinton’s failure is all in the context of the Democratic primaries. Of course,it looked like a popular uprising when the people of Egypt started gathering every night in the square, and it looked like a wonderful thing,even more so as it started to spread. But, it turned sour pretty quick. But, who knows.
(actually, you could include Ukraine in this story)
My point is that if all of these “spontaneous” rebellions had CIA support, then may be they weren’t such popular uprisings after all. And if an uprising doesn’t have the support of the people, then it can’t hold on to the gains for very long.
Likewise, by cheating in the primaries Hillary did not create a situation where suddenly the crowd were behind her, cheering and waving banners in the street.
No, she just left the country with a lot of splinter groups, and the least nuanced of them won.
So, with all sympathy to the people who are being slaughtered in Aleppo, we blew it. We blew it in Ukraine, and we blew it anywhere we actually got involved and tried to create a fake revolution for which there was not an overwhelming popular demand..
That’s about it.


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