Just got home from the Žižkovšiška poetry reading, had the couple of slices of pizza that was left, and would like to get to bed soon. I really feel like the old man of the crowd, I’m worried about getting up in the morning and other people there were discussing their next drinking destination. That’s Prague for you. Midnight or no, weekday or no, there are always going to be some people for whom the night is young.
It was a pretty good poetry reading. Of course most of the poetry readings I go to are open mike, which means I can always get up and perform, and I feel a certain loyalty to the format because without that, I probably wouldn’t have written a 10th as much as I have, but, on the other hand, there’s something to be said for an official line-up, especially when I’m in it.
My stuff was well received and I appreciated that because the first poem I read was something I completed an hour before the show was set to start. Every act had it’s good moments, but I liked the two singers best. Both had original songs, both played guitar, both were decent musicians, but outside of that they weren’t similar in any way, really. The two comedians were quite different as well, although they apparently knew each other. The 2nd comedian, who was the next to last act, well, I don’t know. There were a couple of belly laughs in there when he broke into his running patter of “Fuck you, I’m the comedian and you’re the bartender, hey, Americans, you’re so loud, hey, Czech people, smile” to actually tell a joke. He was getting a lot of laughter, and I suppose he’s got the plausibility of denial and can always say “well, it’s comedy, I don’t hate Czechs, or Germans” but that’s not exactly what he said on the stage.
Anyway, it was a great night. Some old friends, some new friends, and a big fat joint. And now good night.


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