What’s in a Misspelling?

At first,I did not believe that Donald Trump had actually tweeted a tweet with the word ‘unpresidented.’ But, I’ve seen it from a couple of sources now and, by this point, none of us should truly be surprised that the president-elect is a moron.
The tweet was about China did,their ‘unpresidented’ action. Apparently, they intercepted some kind of U.S. drone submarine.
A bit cheeky, I suppose you could say, as they were within site of the American surface ship when they fished the drones out of the water but, on the other hand, it WAS a U.S. drone submarine, and they were located a lot closer to China then they were to the U.S., so I’m not sure I totally blame China for this one.
But that’s not my point. My point is that he wrote unpresidented instead of unprecedented, which is unprecedented.
Maybe not entirely unprecedented. It reminds of Bush’s “is our kids’ learning?” But, saying he’s no stupider than Bush is not very confidence inspiring.
There are a few reasons why is think this is a serious danger sign, and not just a hysterical opportunity for late night comedians.
First, it’s probably not a typo. Although the c and the s are close to each other on a standard keyboard, you don’t hit them with the same finger. Of course, he was probably using a phone, but still should have realized that the word was wrong. It probably had a squiggly red line under it, for one thing.
Second, this is the kind of mistake that’s made when people have learned the word only from hearing it spoken, and not seeing it in print. Because it does sound like unpresidented, although that doesn’t actually mean anything.
Third, it means he doesn’t know the etymology of the word, doesn’t understand that it’s about precedent, and why the lack of it should make us sit up and take notice. Quite possibly doesn’t understand the importance of the concept of precedence.
Joke all you want, but I’m pretty sure he actually doesn’t.

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