The Process

Sunday night,end of the weekend,not much done but progress on one front,at least, we’ve started putting together my newest book, “The Meaning of Life in Easy English” and the process (well, of course the process is for me to hand it to Helena and say “Here, get this online” which can lead to some resistance. Anyway, the process is she takes one of my previous books, in this case “Uncle Willie’s Very Silly Animal Poems,” which is similar in that it’s populated exclusively by very short poems, accompanied by very childlike drawings.
So, we’ve got a book production machine going on. I have often thought that a poet is basically a poetry producing machine,and every writer is essentially a sentence producing machine. We have the raw materials, which are the words and phrases that have been passed down to us from generation to generation, changing through time, polished like the pebbles in the churning stream. We have the assembly of the materials, and the beginning of the production line, putting the words into sentences, trying to attach them to a specific thought, or maybe not so quickly, just trying to get them to sound good, or to rhyme, or to say anything at all.
Only then comes putting it all into a package and sending it off to market.
I’ve watched a lot of Food Factory, and it’s always the same routine there, too.

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