Robots and Global Warming

This little video made my day:

and if that doesn’t come up in blue, you can curse me for a technotard, it’s true, but I’m doing this on Chrome because I can’t do it on Firefox at all any more and yet don’t know how to do some basic, basic things on Chrome like add a link or a picture, but in the time it takes to shake your head and mutter, you can copy and past it into your header line and get the same result.

It’s a very cool robot doing very impressive things, like walking upstairs, putting a glass in the dish washer and a soda can in the trash (it’s cool but I don’t know if that’s just very specific programming, or if the robot knows the difference between a glass and a can) bending it’s knees to walk under a table, showing some spiffy dance moves and using it’s head (literally) to regain its balance.
The amazing thing to me is that we saw, not so long ago, within the last year if I remember right, another robot video from the same company, you remember the one, where the guy kept knocking the poor robot over and their were all sorts of overdubbed you tube videos having the robot saying things like “Fuck off, mate” because that’s always hysterical. I was impressed with that video, but this new one puts it to shame, takes it to a new level entirely.

So what, you might ask, do robots have to do with global warming? Both are advancing far more quickly than we ever would have thought. But robots, if this latest video is any indication, are evolving even faster, and the rate of increase is increasing. So, it’s a race, and the robots are going to win it.
This means one of two things. Of course, as robots become more sophisticated, so do computers, and maybe a robot will be invented that can single-handedly repair the environment, and make revolutionary changes to the economy as well.
Or else, when we all die because we’ve changed the atmosphere into something unbreatheable, robots will be ready to take over.


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