It Was The Suit

This is not a pro-Russian blog or an anti-Russian blog. This is not a pro-Assad blog or an anti-Assad blog. I do feel sympathy for any innocent civilians still in Aleppo, and hope the atrocities have been greatly overstated, but I don’t know about that.
This blog is not even to condemn Mevlut Mert Altintas for shooting the Russian Ambassador to Turkey in the back, several times, at close range. He deserves condemnation, to be sure, but I’m confident he will hear it from many quarters, and I want to do more than just add to the chorus. I may just be a cog in the great machine of civilization, perhaps even a trifling, minor cog, but I don’t want to be a redundant cog. Besides, he’s dead.
This blog is just to comment on (and I’m not even necessarily totally condemning it – free speech is an absolute)the sudden spate of humorous memes centered around Mr. Altintas as he was waving his gun around, terrifying all who were present, and giving his angry little speech about Aleppo. I saw one with John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in a famous pose from “Pulp Fiction” and another comparing it to Saturday Night Fever. Strikes me as a bit too soon, especially since the video of Karlov’s assassination is basically a Facebook Snuff Flick.
The thing I can’t figure out, and there must be some kind of formula, is when is it possible to make jokes and when not – how soon is too soon. And I’ve got a theory, which is probably almost as offensive as the memes themselves: it’s the suit.
Seriously, people don’t even wear suits to the office any more, half the time. He bears no resemblance to the other terrorists you’ve seen, even in the movies. The only person who wears a suit while killing people is James Bond, and he is portrayed as a good guy. Go figure.


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