White Christmas

Although perhaps I should be careful with that title. I saw a “White Christmas” post from one of my friends, who I know voted for Trump, and became very suspicious about his meaning.
I don’t know if there’s snow in Prague or not (doubt it), but we are at the cottage, in the foothills of the Krkonose mountains, and it did indeed snow today, a lovely, big flaked snow, but when I went out for a walk after, it was raining, kind of drizzly, and it was already melting. It’s just right at that point. While out walking this morning, fell flat on my face in the middle of the road, because the road was a solid patch of ice. Nobody saw.
Anyway, carp and potato salad have been consumed, presents have been opened, and I am typing this on my brand new computer, which seems to be much quicker and more responsive than the last computer. A couple of hiccups, like I don’t have a Czech keyboard yet, but I’m sure we’ll figure that out, especially since, although it is officially my computer, it was my Christmas gift, I know everybody else in the family is going to be fighting me for time on it (Sam and Helena have already had a go), and I’d better co-operate, because I am dependent on them for tech support.
Tomorrow, my wife’s sister’s family will come, and there will be a day of kids playing with each others’ presents, and confusion will reign.
That’s about it for tonight. Hoping Carrie Fischer is feeling better.


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