Just a Few Random Thoughts

RIP to all the victims of the airplane crash today. Russian authorities said “Terrorism cannot be ruled out” which is strange, in a way, because I was just thinking that “Putin can’t be ruled out.” I’m not making an accusation, just saying that the doctor on board, Elizaveta Glinka, who was kind of a hero doing humanitarian work in Syria, might not have had precisely the same view of that conflict as Putin, and the plane was the same type as in the airplane crash that killed the Polish president a couple of years back, which a LOT of people thought might have been sabotaged by the Russians.
On the other hand, the Soviet military choir also perished in the crash, and the doctor is only a doctor, so I seriously think it’s unlikely, but somebody has to look at the conspiracy theory angle.

Global Warming is real, we all know that, and by we all, I mean we all who believe in science. But an extra piece of evidence to me seems to be in all the ‘White Christmas’ type post cards one sees on Facebook. Not so many world blanketed in snow scenes and more bits of streaky white on the ground and people being happy they got that. I got a Christmas message from Glasgow, where it was raining. One from Ireland, showing people all bundled up from the cold, but not a snowflake in sight.

It rained here, too, and so we were pretty much housebound the whole day, playing games and doing puzzles and testing out all the Christmas gifts. Five kids, so it was a lot of fun.


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  1. DW

    My first conspiracy thoughts were that Obama has been threatening revenge for messing with the elections.

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