2017, Bring it On

I am basically optimistic, because somebody has to be, and I’m burned out on bemoaning what a quagmire of stupidity human civilization is inevitably walking into. So, politics is obviously not the point I am optimistic about.
I am optimistic about science. I am optimistic about music, and art, and innovation of all sorts. On a personal note, I am optimistic about my kids.
But mostly, I am optimistic about science.
As Donald Trump gets settled into the Oval Office, just finding out where everything is, the toilets and whatnot, science is still moving forward. There will be advancements in computer technology announced, probably within the first month of his administration.
We already have a creature with a voice who can advise us on almost anything, Siri, and we’ve got robots who can walk upstairs and hide under the table, put those two together and you’ve got walking, talking individuals who could do any job humans can do, and better.
Or, I consider it a real possibility that we may establish contact with extraterrestrials at some point in the next 4 years. We’re discovering more exoplanets every day.
Certainly, the science of cannabis is evolving, and it’s legalization has been a raving success everywhere it’s been tried. So, I’m optimistic about that.
I’m optimistic that solar and wind energy will soon render oil obsolete, no matter how big a deal is made between Trump and Putin. Solar and wind energy technology improves and improves, and oil technology doesn’t, and in any event, is sort of limited to the availability of oil.
Politics has it’s limits. There’s a whole world of stuff that’s beyond Trump.


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