A Day in Dresden

We took a trip to Dresden today, mostly because it’s an easy day trip from Prague. It was Helena’s idea, but I’d never been there so I was fine with it. We had considered canceling if roads were icy, but decided to go for it, and it remained above freezing for the day, although we drove through patches of fog there and back. Just across the border, went through a tunnel, fog on the way in, clear, blue sky on the way out.
We took a walk along Prager Strasse, all mall, a gypsy family choir singing, and then around some of the touristy buildings, some brilliant gold statues at the top of domes, absolutely radiant in the sun, a massively ornate palace around a courtyard, it was actually a museum I think but that wasn’t on our agenda, then across the river just to walk across the river and take the tram back, the kids wanted to try the tram and I was down for that, I’m curious about other cities’ public transportation systems, too.
The other side of the river was a lovely walk, too, looking back across at an array of classic old buildings to rival Prague, and there was a big, flat lawn area which must be a great picnic and hanging out place in the summer, I’m imagining plenty of picnickers bring a couple extra bottles of wine and stay until well into the evening.
For lunch, the kids would have been happy with McDonald’s, because they’re kids. We wanted something German, and we wound up, much as we likely would have in Prague, opting for a place called Asian Snack Box, and it was fine.
Got lost a bit on the way back, just getting out of Dresden, and then ran into the same, patchy fog on the way back but now we are home.
It was a nice day, A needed change.


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