Shut Up About Hillary Clinton, Already

It’s January 2nd, soon to be 3rd, and so the Happy New Year posts are dwindling. Sure, you’ll see a few more probably for the next couple of weeks even, retrospectives, lists, stuff like that but, basically, my facebook feed is starting to get back to its usual mix of cute cat photos, various people posting very scenic photos of wherever they are at, which I approve of and encourage because it’s a beautiful world we live in but on the other hand I would be lying if I said it doesn’t make me a bit jealous, people plugging their books, or their paintings, or their crafts, funny and inspiring memes, not particularly funny memes sent by redneck friends and relatives, and all the other stuff.
One thing that doesn’t seem to have changed a bit, unfortunately, is the political dialogue. After the election, although I was surprised that Hillary lost, I thought: Well, there’s one bright spark, we won’t ever hear from her again. I was only half right. Hillary herself seems to be staying relatively quiet. Her supporters, however, just won’t let it go. They continue to call us Stein supporters Trump supporters, they continue to talk about how Hillary was cheated – by us, by the press (Ha!), by the FBI, and by the Russians. It’s all bullshit.
Hillary lost because she was an absolutely horrible candidate. If you listen to a Barack Obama speech, you feel inspired. If you listen to a Bernie Sanders speech, you feel like someone just opened a window and there is a fresh breeze in the room. If you listen to a Hillary Clinton speech, you feel annoyed. If you listen to a Trump speech, you get angry. If you are the kind of person who supports him, you get angry at Mexicans, gays, blacks, etc…If you are normal, you get angry at Trump.
But, out of the 50% of people who voted, Trump got roughly 50% of the vote (O.K., a bit less if you want to split hairs) The difference is, Trump got 25% of the electorate to support him enthusiastically. Hillary also had about 25% of the total vote, but most of those were only voting for her because they were co-erced. That’s what ‘lesser of two evils’ means.
I would be very happy to join in the Trump bashing that is going on. There is lots of room for comedy, and plenty to be outraged about, and it’s only going to accelerate as soon as he gets nominated.
But, when you mention Hillary, I am reminded that we are not on the same side. And cannot be.


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