In the ‘Learn Something New Every Day Category:’ The word hurricane comes from the Mayan god of storms, Huracan.

Made a whole bunch of Flashcards the other night, just one of the many projects I didn’t get done over Christmas vacation, and was looking forward to trying them out today (they worked pretty well, not too different than the set I had, size is not a factor) and then had a great idea for a game while on the train today. Dead simple, really. I’m going to call it ‘Wheel of Words’ and all it requires is circle subdivided into pie slices, different colors for nouns, verbs and adjectives, and a spinning arrow. Probably for older kids, though, the 7 year olds won’t get it.

Just saw a great idea for clean energy, basically putting wheels, which looks a bit like egg beaters, inside water pipes. It’s a cool idea, because the water pipes have to be used anyway, and so a little bit of energy is generated each time you flush the toilet, each time you shower or brush your teeth. It reminds me a bit of the kinetic energy idea, like the dance floor built on a plate or bits of pavement in high pedestrian areas or even roads, it’s just energy being harvested which was going to waste.
So, I saved it to “The Utopian Project” the page I sort of set up in a half assed way a couple weeks ago and haven’t really tended since, so it’s basically dead in the water until I do something about it. I intend to, one of these days, but even if I just use it to park all of the great ideas that pass through my facebook feed now and again, it serves a valuable purpose.


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