SIXTEEN Intelligence Agencies?

In the whole question over the alleged Russian hacking of the U.S. election, which I reckon is bullshit because Julian Assange says it bullshit, and he’s the one who is in a position to know, there is something that is being overlooked.
Hillary’s minions constantly raise the fact that SIXTEEN intelligence agencies agree that the Russians are behind it.
SIXTEEN intelligence agencies say it’s true. How can you possibly doubt SIXTEEN intelligence agencies?
First of all, the U.S. has SIXTEEN intelligence agencies? Why does the U.S. need SIXTEEN intelligence agencies? Do we have sixteen departments of education? Do we have sixteen space agencies? Why isn’t one intelligence agency enough? Are they gathering different intelligence? If so, which one is the government supposed to trust when they contradict each other?
I’m just asking questions here, I honestly had no idea that the U.S. had so many different intelligence agencies. What are their names? If we’re not supposed to know their names, if they’re operating clandestinely, I find that scary as hell. But perhaps I’m just underinformed. Maybe some of you Hillary supporters who are so enthusiastically echoing the report of these SIXTEEN supposed intelligence agencies could list them for me, and explain why we need so many and what their different functions are.
It could be, I suppose, that the Middle Eastern intelligence agency is different than the European intelligence agency, for instance, but apparently all SIXTEEN of these agencies were gathering information on Russia and Russia’s super duper hacking department which, after successfully leaking all of the emails people in the DNC had actually written exposing what an incredibly unDemocratic party they truly are, went on to plant a virus on some guy’s laptop in Vermont.
Or perhaps the information originated with the CIA and the other fifteen intelligence agencies’ investigations amounted to seeing the CIA report and saying “Yup. Looks good. If it comes from the CIA, we’ll go along with it.” Which is what I suspect.
If that’s the case, fifteen out of these sixteen agencies are redundant. If they are all working independently, then there are definitely too many cooks in the kitchen and no good can possibly come of it.


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