Life in the Bubble

Everybody talks about living in a bubble as if being out of touch was the worst thing in the world, but, in fact, it’s not so bad, we’re all in little bubbles, drifting through the world in little bubbles of our own.
But the thing I don’t like about the phrase is that it can be be used by the left against the right, the right against the left and the sanctimonious, self-appointed middle against the rest of humanity. So it becomes meaningless.
It’s similar to the phrases “Wake up!,” “sheeple,” and “drinking the kool-aid.” They are used to indicate that the poster is aware of some key aspect of reality that nobody else has seen, and it just seems to me that anyone who would write “Wake up, Sheeple!” in a tweet or a facebook post probably does not actually have a case to make.
But, back to bubbles. I like bubbles. They are beautiful, and they are transparent, with a soapy glint of rainbow colors. They are also very fragile, and short lived. They start to move up into the sky and then -pop- it’s all over. They are not at all a bad example for our individual existences.


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