The End of the World as we Know it

As the looming shadow of the inevitable day looms, I hear more and more phrases like “The Fall of America,” “The End of Democracy,” “The End of the World,” “The End of Life as We Know It,” etc….
Yes and no. I’m not saying a Trump presidency is likely to be a good thing, but I do have reasonably high hopes that humanity will survive it.
First of all, the land mass that forms the central slice of North America is not suddenly going to disappear, along with Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico, under the ocean. The world is not going to recalibrate its orbit, so that buildings and cows go flying off into outer space. It’s not going to rain for forty days and forty nights nor are frogs going to rain down from the sky.
Certainly, Trump is a threat to civilization as we know it and likely to put forth some huge assaults on civil liberties, rather like everybody else recently, and engage in corruption on an unprecedented level, and totally endorse the wholesale destruction of the environment, although people will continue to fight back locally, and maybe he’ll start WWIII….oh
Well, to tell the truth, I think it unlikely. Maybe that’s just because it’s such a huge thing and I’m in denial, but let me try to find some rationalizations for my thought.
1. We’ve had a retarded psychopath for president once before and, although he was shockingly horrible, he never managed to extend his war beyond a couple of countries in the Middle East.
2. I don’t think Putin is actually gunning for a nuclear shootout with the U.S. He may be a nationalist, and a sometimes belligerent one, but he is not a retarded psychopath. I don’t think.

(This happens sometimes – I start off writing a piece with one point of view – in this case that the world will survive a Trump presidency – and now I’m not so sure. In any event, carry on, keep doing what you’re doing, and hope for the best. Good luck to us all.)


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