Monday, Monday

Mondays are always a light day. I just have the one lesson – well, it’s two lessons but back to back in one office and it’s not at all rare for one of them to cancel. Anyway, just as I was about to head out the door I checked my phone and, lo and behold, they’d canceled.
So, a light day had become a free day. I can’t say I got a lot done, but I got everything done that Helena asked me to do (get a haircut, buy food for the rabbit, and write one news article, which we do in simplified English for a school in Switzerland) so, that keeps the peace and is an accomplishment by itself, plus I wrote a very nice, little poem.
Like most poems, it didn’t quite come out saying what I wanted it to say, which is that when kids make a snowman, they are happy and employing their imaginations, creating a snow version of a human being who could, in the imaginary world, walk, talk, sing, dance, teach a classroom of students, laugh, get drunk, or explain the meaning of the universe.
Then, when a passerby sees the snowman, they get a feeling of happiness, too, because the snowman actually has come to embody happiness, it’s a bit like a Golem (which is definitely different from a Gollum).
Yes, there is snow on the ground now.
Anyway, the poem said something less than that, but it’s still not bad.
Then, accompanied Isabel and her friend to their street dance class and started reading The Lord of the Rings again, mostly because it was close to hand but also because “Why not? It’s been years.”


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