January Alchemy, 2017

It was an interesting night. First, I printed out my poems for the evening, all four I had written. I had an idea for one more, and hoped to get it written while seeing the girls to their dance class. I actually wound up finishing it on the tram from Andel to Hellichova, but I’m glad I did because once I got to the NAPA bar, I realized that I didn’t have the rest of them with me. One short one was easy to recreate from memory and one I had, written out longhand, in a different notebook, and 3 was enough.
We had some new talent. The featured speaker I’ve seen there a couple of times at open mike and he was interesting, then a couple of women poets, the first had a very nice poem about the social life of butterflies, the second one was a “slam” poet which I guess means loud, fast, breathless and passionate, and she did a piece about waiting for a hurricane, about maybe seeing this house, or that tree, for the last time before the sea ultimately conquered the land. There were a few short stories, some comedy …all in all, a pretty good night.


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