Wrong Question

It seems that just about every day the last couple of weeks I see an article in my Facebook feed from the New York Times, or Huffpo, or theHill.com, or some other fake news site, offering up an explanation of how Hillary lost. Somehow, they almost never mention Bernie Sanders.
I think they’re asking the wrong question. Instead of asking ‘Why did Hillary lose?,’ they should be asking “Why did the Democrats lose?” It’s a preferable question since, presumably, Democrats wanted a Democrat to win, not just specifically Hillary Clinton.
Another reason it’s a preferable question is that once you ask it like that, the answer pretty much jumps right out at you. The Democrats lost because Hillary Clinton was the candidate. No matter what shit Donald Trump said or did, the argument was already about Hillary. He had scandals. She had scandals. He said self contradictory things all over the place. So did she.
Sanders did not have the same problem. He would have, therefore, coasted to victory.
It was clear at the time of the convention that she was a weak candidate. She was neck and neck with the short-fingered Caligula then, and her electoral record is not one of winning come from behind victories. Also, the cheating had already been exposed, to anybody who was paying attention. That made it real hard for Bernie’s people to get enthusiastic about her. Damned near impossible, in fact.
Those Hillary supporters who say “Well, I’m not sure Bernie would have won, either” are just clinging to their completely debunked ‘stronger candidate’ argument. Because Hillary lost to Trump, they’re assuming that any other candidate would have, too, which is nonsense. Trump was an awful candidate. Barely 25% of the country voted for him (about 50% did not vote at all). If the election had been between Donald Trump and “whoever is behind Door Number 3,” Door Number 3 would have kicked his ass.
That’s what a weak candidate Hillary was.

In other news: RIP Gene Cernan. You were a true hero.

Also, I’m glad Obama has commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence, but I don’t get the delay. How did he come up with the May 17th date? It’s like, “O.K., I’ll throw the liberals a bone, but make her suffer a few months more.” I mean, what was wrong with just saying tomorrow?


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