Stream of Consciousness

I had an interesting conversation Monday evening, during a marijuana break at the poetry reading, about stream of consciousness writing v. thinking about it and editing as you go, as I do, and I have to admit I should try the SOC method more often. Certainly as this blog is at least partially intended as a writing exercise it makes sense and also as it was a fairly uneventful day today in my real life, which is not a bad thing at all, uneventful means know special problems, it means that stream of events which is the backdrop for our consciousness is a lazy, broad, slow moving, unchanging river and that’s a good thing more than it’s a bad thing because any thing which is a survivable thing brings good along the way and at the end of the tunnel.
The stream of thoughts that goes into my writing can get a little bit weirder, there’s one girl in my gymnasium classes who loves to natter on sometimes it seems like stream of consciousness just because she talks so much and it sometimes seems to me like a class conspiracy, like the other kids in the class commissioned her to just talk a mile a minute, too fast for me to interrupt, so they can all sit around and play on their laptops, and today she was talking about remembering your dreams and how you could train yourself to do that by waking slow and that was an interesting thing, I guess that was my learnsomethingneweveryday moment.
Stream of consciousness can lead to beautiful things because your mind gets a bit detached in the rush and you don’t know where you’ll go but also it means the blog gets written quicker, much, much quicker.


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