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I’m not going to talk too much about the inauguration, although those guys with the all black suits and the black flags were just about too perfect a TV director’s idea of what a hip, urban anarchist should look and act like. I suspect Jimmy O’Keefe. I can’t prove that and will happily update as more information comes in, but it’s got all the hallmarks of a Project Veritas thing.
I’m a bit over a third of the way into Lord of the Rings, and just got a new book on Kindle, Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett, and it’s absolutely brilliant. So, at any given moment I’m torn between picking up one or the other, but the different advantages of Kindle and old fashioned make the decision an automatic. The Nac Mac Feagle shall travel with me in my bag on my peregrinations around Prague, just because of size, and I will peruse and relive the adventures of Frodo and friends here in the comfort of home, because damn, it is cold outside.
Good night.


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