The Unintentional Pun

As I was combing through my Junk e-Mail list, because you never know when something useful will appear, and I saw “Walk-in Bathroom Quotes.” I was thinking the would be lists of great quotes about walk-in bathrooms, like “‘Tis a far, far better bath that I take now than I have ever taken before” or “Two baths diverged in a yellow wood,” but after a second it dawned on me that they were using quotes in the sense of price estimates.
Then, just flipping through the channels just now and watching a thing about a solar car race in Australia, Darwin to Adelaide, and the phrase “must be shipped to Australia in less than 3 months,” but when words are spoken quickly, and they almost always are because once you have the gift of speech, it would be ridiculous to slow down and enunciate each word so there can be no mistakes, it would just take forever and we’ve got so much more to do with our lives.
There are so many things that need to be said and so little time in which to say them that nobody wants to slow down, much less shut up and listen, and a p followed by a d comes out as a t.
As popular(or as irritating, depending on your point of view) as puns are, there are millions and millions more out there, they are happening to pretty much everybody pretty much all the time, in random conversation, on TV, or on the internet.
So, people who moan about how lame and pathetic and geeky and uncool they are, you all should count your lucky stars, as they say, that the vast majority of them go unrepeated and unreported. Otherwise, we would spiral down uncontrollably into gibberish and madness.


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