Love Trumps Hate Rally

This is Saturday’s blog written Sunday morning because I fell asleep in front of the TV last night and couldn’t summon the energy to walk to the computer and do a blog, because I’d violated the rule, or what should be a rule at any rate, but since I violate it all the damned time it’s a bit hypocritical of me to even refer to it as a rule: don’t smoke when you’re already stoned enough.
Yesterday was a good day.
I got Helena and Isabel to meet me at the Love Trumps Hate rally on Wenceslas Square, although they didn’t want to stay long. They are the women of the family, and it was a women’s rally, predominantly, but, like most people in the world, the vast, vast majority, they are less interested in politics than I. Sam was off ice skating with friends and couldn’t be bothered at all.
It was a good event. There were about 400 people there, which is nothing like the 250,000 reported in Chicago, but it’s not bad for Prague, the most politically apathetic city in the known universe. I remember rallies against the Iraq War back in 2002 or 3, (war in Iraq has become such a persistent thing), when we couldn’t even get a dozen people.
The tone, I felt, was just right. I was worried that there would be too many people there focused on moaning about how Hillary was cheated, and since I’m of the viewpoint that it was Hillary who cheated, that would have been enough to push me away, but most of it was just straight up anti-Trump and where do we go from here, I saw one guy standing with an anti-Putin sign and he was probably a counter demonstrator but nobody was paying him no mind and the most entertaining protester was a crazy old man who was walking through the crowd waving a huge blue flag with nothing at all written on it and he would bump into people and block everybody’s vision but he apologized so sweetly that he had everybody, even the security folks, who are usually a grumpy group of old fucks, laughing. There was an almost aggressively good vibe coming off of the crowd.
My friend Maggie, an actor and comedian, who is perhaps a bit more militant than I, thought it was perhaps a bit TOO mellow. She was angry that they’d played ‘Let it be.’ “No!” she said. “Don’t let it be! Don’t let it be!”
And she’s right. Yesterday’s rallies must be just the beginning. The Trump presidency is a slap in the face to intelligence and human decency, and we can’t just ‘let it be.’


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