Filling the Space

my fingers are on the keyboard and I don’t know where they are going. The world is in disarray but, to be honest, the world has been in worse disarray than this before and it was not the end of the human race although, admittedly, that’s a pretty low bar.
We just almost burned the banana bread. I love banana bread. And banana pancakes. And everything with bananas. I was watching a documentary earlier today about some scientists who are experimenting with cooking by all sorts of lasers and test tubes and reducing everything to pastes and powders and vapors and it all looked kind of gross, but I suppose people may go for it when it’s available and we are drifting further and further down the food as commodity river, but if it’s healthy and they actually invent some new flavors, sure, I’d go for it.
But I think the documentary was a couple years old, because I seem to recall seeing it a couple of years ago, and that’s often the way with science shows, I’ll get totally excited about some new development and then realize it’s from 2005 or so, whether it’s about bullet trains or outer space exploration.
You get the same thing on Facebook, even with political arguments, where you’d think people would try to be up to date, but noooo.
I guess that’s the effect of a digital civilization. Everything lasts for ever, it’s always new to somebody so it never even fades from memory, and it all gets mixed up in time.


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