The Joys of Bad TV

Watching a very schlocky teen horror show, girl has to stay home from the big party to controlling parents, even though they’re out of town, and her best friend is a total backstabbing bad girl and all of the BFs friends are totally unsympathetic hooligans and bullies but the guy she’s truly in love with is practically a knight in shining armor, and she calls into some radio station which apparently can magically solve all of your problems and it’s kind of a self help thing, shout louder, say you really want it, then take some AA styled pledge about how you’re going to control your own destiny and things will start to happen, so you know, it is practically pre-determined, unless this is a much better movie than I think it is, that the bad girl is going to get her come-uppance, the hero boyfriend will come to the rescue, and all will be fine in the end.
And that’s just about what I’m in the mood for tonight.
There seems to be no resolving the impasse between Hillary’s supporters, who won’t give it up, and Bernie supporters. Like, I heard Ashley Judd’s rap/rant/speech and was really impressed and totally agreed with everything she was saying and then, after that long list of true heroes, like Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks she said Hillary…and I totally lost interest.
Seriously, Hillary supporters, you cannot continue to be unaware how poison that woman’s name is. She cheated, and now we have Donald Trump as president.
You blame us. We blame you.
Here’s my suggestion for a compromise: Tulsi Gabbard. We get all of Bernie’s policies, which is what we want, and you get your first woman president, which is all you seem to care about.

Back to the movie. It’s turned all sorts of supernatural, people floating in the air and turning into something like zombies and cutting each others throats with garden shears. I’m sure I will have lovely dreams tonight.


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