The Inavoidability of Uncertainty

Whenever I get a notification that somebody has shared somebody’s memory, I think for a second that somebody has died. Facebook should really be more careful with their language.
Then again, who am I to question the tactics of this global juggernaut, which seems to be creating a new universe all of its own?
But, if it’s creating a universe all of its own (and it is), why is it such a conflicted universe, obsessed with trivia? A: because most people are trivial people, obsessed with our own obsessions, and nobody is seeing the big picture. Oh, a lot of people say they do. They talk about the Rothschild’s and their gazillion dollar fortune, which somehow seems to have eluded the fact finders at Forbes, or Putin’s plans for pipelines (there might be something to that one, but still, it’s not the only thing going on in the world) and they call everybody sheeple and they say ‘Wake up! Wake up!’ like a bad alarm clock, but the truth is that nobody knows the truth, not the whole truth, because the universe, even this single aspect of this tiny corner of it called human civilization, is just way too damned complex.
There is politics and economics, to be sure, although we’ve got multitudinous various definitions of what those even are, but there is also art, music, animals, sports, technology, cinema, gardening, travel, fashion, food, wine, herbs and drugs, color, traffic and so many other things going on and each field has its experts but even they are not infallible, the whole thing is expanding and tendrils shoot out this way and that and intertwine with each other and every now and again you look up and it’s a different world.
I wish you all a happy and successful future, but I have no clue what’s going on either.


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