Short Memories

I know some people who voted for Trump. Some friends, some relatives. I’ve also seen a lot of his supporters on TV, at his rallies and such, and argued with lots of them, both known and unknown to me, on Facebook.
Two things I’d like to say tonight. First, Hillary made a political mistake when she referred to his followers as “a basket of deplorables,” but not really a factual one. Sure, people had different reasons. I even know some seriously progressive people who voted for Trump, to turn over the apple cart, to shake up the system, and it’s sure as hell done that.
But, there are a hell of a lot of deplorable people among his supporters. As in, not all Trump voters are racist, but almost all of the racists voted for Trump.
He got about 25% of the vote in a country where 25% of the people believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old, and take the story of Noah and his ark literally, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same 25%.
The other thing is one particularly bizarre line of argument I’ve been hearing from some of them. “Give him a chance,” they say. “We didn’t go out and protest like this when Obama took office.” Seriously, I’ve heard that from more than one person. They seem to have forgotten all of the chairs (and worse) hung from trees, all the racist memes and misspelled signs, all the freaking out over his place of birth, his religion, and a dozen other trivial, and stupid things.
They apparently have the memory of a goldfish,and just as expansive a world view.


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