How Long Does a Scandal Last?

I posted a post today which said “Frederick Douglass died at Bowling Green” and I was just making a little joke conflating the two most extremely stupid statements to come out of the Trump administration in the last two days, except the Kelly Anne Conway cannot claim that it was only bad grammar, or even that she was mistaken over a key detail, like somebody you thought was still alive died long before you were born, like before there were automobiles, or at any rate before they were widespread. Nope, Kelly Anne Conway just flat out got caught making shit up.
I got some good responses to it, most thought it was funny, one woman corrected me, which is O.K., she didn’t get the joke, but, come down to it, it wasn’t much of a joke, just kind of a vaguely jokey statement.
The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized that I’d actually stumbled onto a more important truth. After she made the comment about the Bowling Green Massacre (there was never such an event as the Bowling Green Massacre), that was the only thing people wanted to talk about and the Frederick Douglass misquote started getting a lot less play.
The question is “How long does a scandal last?” and Donald Trump has figured out the answer to this question: until the next scandal. So, it’s possible that Kelly Anne Conway was sent out with instructions to say something so comically stupid that people would forget about Frederick Douglass for a while, but it’s more likely just that, by surrounding himself with people who are just as dumb, and mendacious as he is, he can pretty much count on something every day.
I think he’s going to run into trouble, though, because he came out of the gate too fast, he’s been trying to sprint his way through a marathon and he’s not going to be able to pick up the pace.
Nobody could.


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