To Comment or Not to Comment, That is the Question

I should probably refrain from commenting on facebook threads from people I don’t know, about subjects which aren’t really all that important, with the first smartass comment that pops into my head. I mean, if they like cats, why should I care? If they feel their waitress was out of line and I don’t particularly sympathize with their situation, what good is it going to do to put in my two cents worth, besides which, two cents ain’t worth shit these days.
So, I was pretty pleased with myself today when I refrained from commenting on one.
It was a kind of post which I find particularly lame, but actually lots of people respond to: help me teach my kid how far and fast an internet message can travel. Reply to this post with your name and location. Very often it’s a schoolteacher and I guess the thing is that people don’t want to make the teacher look bad but sooner or later it’s going to happen because, just like with chain letters or petitions, sooner or later everybody just gets tired of it. Many others are from sick people, or elderly people, or somehow pitiable people, ‘help this boy get 1,000 likes because he’s dying of leukemia’ and I kind of feel like a shit for ignoring those but I do, for the same reason I usually don’t give to beggars, because it becomes, very quickly, a deluge. I don’t know how that happens, but it does.
Anyway, this one had a picture of a bag of apples and the guy said “My 6 year old told me this won’t get any response because nobody cares about apples” and my initial instinct, I swear my fingers were ready to type out the words, was to say “Your 6 year old obviously knows more about the internet than you do,” which I imagine is a true statement, certainly my kids know more about the internet than I do, and, although they’re a bit older than that now, I suspect they already did by the time they were 6.
Also, a picture of a bag of apples is a pretty safe thing. You might want to warn them about posting their physical location, or your credit card number, or something like that, so your lesson is worthless.
But, I refrained, and I feel good about that. And a couple of people had commented, with their name and nation, because some people do that.
So, maybe I’m the one who doesn’t understand the internet.


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