I recently joined a group called writerbeat.com, which is sort of a blogger’s collective, or at least a collection of bloggers. The administrator keeps sending messages saying that the best way to get more readers is to comment on other people’s blogs.
It’s sort of like going to poetry readings. People listen politely to other people’s work and applaud, but they’re really just waiting to take the stage themselves. Some people are like that in every day conversations, too. Not so much listening because they care about what the other person is saying, just waiting for an opening, listening for some key word which will open the door to their comment.
I can’t claim that I’m entirely unlike that. I’m not selfless. I have a me-centric view of the universe.
But, I understand where the moderator’s coming from, and I am willing to play ball, but…
Damn, it gets tiresome. First of all, there are about 50 blogs listed at any given time, and there’s no way anyone can read them all, so you have to be a bit selective. Secondly, the comments threads go on forever, nobody wants to let anyone else have the last word, and it generally degenerates into a pissing contest. A better than average pissing contest, I’ll grant that. There are some bright people over there. But, third, they tend to be awfully long winded.
Someone mentioned they have a word limit (on the blogs) of 3,500 words, and I believe most of the bloggers there have taken that as a goal, rather than a limit. Come on, people. Most ideas can be expressed in less. Far, far less.
I plan to keep using the site, it’s an extra outlet for my own blog and I’m sure as I navigate my way through it I’ll find writers I have an affinity with, but maybe I’m not going to be visiting every day. Life is short.


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