The Ball

Just went to a Maturitny Ples (which translates as Graduation Ball and I guess the American equivalent would be Prom) for the Gymnasium where I teach, 4 classes once a week. It strikes me as a bit strange that it takes place in the middle of the year, but whatever.
I’m really glad I went, for a few reasons.
It was nice to go out, just me and Helena, and leave the kids at home. I’ll bet the kids were happy with it, too.
I’ve been teaching there for 3 years, so, despite the fact that I’m not actually a real, full time teacher, I’ve got a bit of history with these kids. It was an important moment in their lives and I was really happy to be there. Also, it will give us something to talk about in class next week.
I got to see them in their native environment. Well, not exactly their native environment. Everybody was well dressed up. Some actually got pretty stylish with that. But an environment outside of the classroom. Where they were dancing, and alcohol was served.
The highlight of the evening, for me, was when one of them stepped up to the stage to sing with the band for a couple of songs. She led off with Son of a Preacher Man, and she could really sing. I’d had no idea.
Her classmates, of course, were all well aware in advance that she can carry a tune at the professional level.
It’s their world. I feel privileged that I get to take part in it now and again.


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