No Aliens Today

Well, darn. I was floating around all day today, a gray and overcast day which I somehow found appropriate, thinking “This is the last normal day of human history, the last day before we know of the existence of advanced, technological alien civilizations.” Coming back from Kralupy, riding on the train, a view of the Vltava on the left and the neat, little garden plots across the river, and wondering how people would react. (I came to the conclusion that it would be exciting news for those of us who are interested in that sort of thing, but a lot of people would have just shrugged and said “Well, they’re light years away so it doesn’t really matter)
But, then, all we get is a few more exoplanets. Sure, a Solar System with 7 earth like planets (maybe – I’m not sure if they’re sure they’re all rocky planets), and 3 of them in the Goldilocks zone, is pretty amazing news.
I guess we’re just spoiled. After all, they are discovering more exoplanets all the time, there are thousands of them known. We know that water exists in abundance throughout the universe. We’ve found everything but actual life.
So, I’m still wondering what’s happening with the 234 Borra-Trottier planets, and I don’t see any indication that NASA is focusing the search there. Maybe they know something I don’t, maybe there was some flaw in Borra and Trottier’s work that would be obvious to a serious astronomer but not to the average UFO groupie like me, but if so I haven’t seen the denials or the rebuttals. So, I’m still waiting for word on that. But these new exoplanets are pretty cool, too, and I should be a lot more excited than I am. I was just expecting more.


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