Will Tomorrow’s Press Conference be an Announcement of First Contact?

I sometimes read Tarot Cards and one thing I’ve noticed (and any expert in the phony psychic field will confirm this) is that people remember the hits and forget the misses, so if you make a whole bunch of predictions, over time, people will start to think you’re pretty good at predicting the future.
When I started writing this blog, I hoped I would come to be viewed as some sort of pundit. Unfortunately, when it comes to political predictions, my record less than stellar. Paul the Octopus had a better track record than me.
Anyway, tonight I want to go on record as to what I think (read: hope) will happen at tomorrow’s big NASA press conference, because if my prediction is right, it would be absolutely awesome and I will be shoving this blog in everybody’s face. I’m probably wrong, just because it would be too big a thing, too awesome a thing, but damn, if I’m right….
I think this might be an announcement of first contact, or at least a certainty that there is intelligent life on other planets even if no actual contact has been made.
Here’s my reasoning: They’ve said it’s got something to do with exoplanets. So far, most of the big news about exoplanets, most of the landmark moments, have already been. First, the discovery that there ARE exoplanets, followed by the routine discovery of them all over the place, and their getting successively smaller and smaller (of course exoplanets haven’t been getting smaller, but our means of detection have been getting better and better), followed by the discovery of some in their planets’ Goldilocks zone, and so on. Barring actual discovery of life, there’s not too much that would really surprise people, really knock people out.
I think (hope) it’s a follow-up on the Borra-Trottier report, which came out in October, about the 234 planets which were putting off an unexplained signal. I’m hoping NASA really looked into that and didn’t just brush it off, and I’m hoping that looking into it has revealed that these really are intelligent civilizations, sending their radio waves out into space.
So, that’s the prediction I’m making: the press conference will announce that Borra and Trottier were right.
If I’m right, you heard it here first. If I’m wrong, never mind.


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